About Us

Balance HR is 100% black female owned HR consulting firm, providing distinctive HR solutions that align with our clients core business and its people. We are recognised as an empowering supplier with reference to the revised broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) gazetted Codes of Good Practice. Read more. 

At Balance HR Solutions we pride ourselves on our unprecedented understanding of the South African workplace legislation and our ability to offer our clients integrated HR solutions that align with their business strategy and government.

Our drive is to assist companies and employees realise their goals and intentions, help uncover risks and discover new opportunities to make our clients business more successful, now and into the future, by truly listening and working with them as a partner. We believe building and maintaining a personal rapport with our clients is an important aspect of how we do things at Balance HR and is a key step in achieving true balance for both parties.

To reduce your risk during a project, we endeavour to:

  • Understand your business using consultants with experience in your industry
  • Treat you as a partner
  • Work with you to deliver results
  • Live up to our commitments
  • Communicate clearly and honestly every step of the way